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Musique Irlandaise

Fichier 213
Groupe Rileanna

Gigues: Tripping upstairs , Ashplant , Cooley’s , Kerry jig , Gander in the pratie hole , Joy of life, Calliope house , Noonday Feast, Swallowtail jig Haste to the wedding
Chants : Spanish lady , Dirty old town, Molly malone ,Wild rover, Foggy dew The water is wide ,Whiskey in the jar, Spancill hill,Drunken sailor
Reels: Humours of tulla, Sully's reel , Toss the feathers , Gravel walk, Blackthorn reel
Polkas: Maggie in the wood, John Ryan’s polka
Ballades: Inish Iar, Carolan Rambles